New Market in Sao Martinho das Amoreiras

New Market in Sao Martinho das Amoreiras
For the purpose of this article I sat down with Sao Martinho’s Mayor Nuno Duarte a few days ago, to find out more about one of the Parish’s new initiatives, the monthly flea market.

After sitting with him for only a few moments, it was immediately apparent that the Mayor sees his Freguesia (Parish) as a place where all are welcome. He sees the movement of people to the Amoreiras as positive. More families moving to the area means more children attending the local schools, he explained, to mention just one of the ways in which new comers affect an area. More people, more opportunities, more needs to be fulfilled.

The Flea Market is one such endeavor by the Mayor, to attract people. He said that unlike the new stretch of Rota Vicentina around Sao Martinho, which took three years to be approved, the market was easy.

“We just had to decide which day of the month to do it, and let people know,” he explained.  “Anybody can come and sell, it’s free.”  The market in June is going to be a little different though,” he continued.  “There will be a bouncy castle for children, face painting, music … it is organized by the school district to celebrate Children’s Day.”

And there you have it!

So, what do we want to say to the Mayor?


The Flea Market will be held the first Saturday of every month in Sao Martinho’s Largo do Vale de Brique.

If you have things to sell, come first thing in the morning on market day, and set up your mobile shop (aka a table).  Make it look as nice and as attractive as your creativity allows, and you are in business. Oh, and make sure you spread the word.

If you don’t have anything to sell, you can still come. Bring your carteira (wallet) instead of the mobile shop. That’s it! Super easy.

Among the offerings there will  be cakes baked especially by the local ladies to raise money for the Church; freshly brewed chai courtesy of Sahaja’s Chai Temple … come, have a browse, have something to eat, say hi to friends and neighbors and enjoy.

This is Guillermina, a long time resident of Sao Martinho. I asked her what she thought about the new market and she told me that she likes it. She likes walking looking at the things for sale, and also seeing the people who come and go. I asked he if she’s got anything to sell and she said: “not yet”




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