If you are offering a room, rooms, camping, a caravan or a whole house for paying guests you are required by law to register as an “Alojamento Local”.


There are three good reasons to become an “Alojamento Local”.
  • If someone gets caught while renting a room without a proper licence, the fine can be up to 60,000€. Don’t imagine that the Alentejo is immune from regulation and checks. People have been caught locally and over time more people will get into trouble if they avoid registration.
  • It’s easy to do and the taxes are fair.
  • An increasing number of  B&B and other ‘tourist accommodation’ in the Sao Martinho area will allow extra support from the local authorities, such as a tourism office in the village, more recycling facilities etc.
1/ You will need to go to the Financias Office in Odemira:

B, 1º, 176, R. Souza Prado 9, 7630 Odemira +351 283 322 251

Open 09:00 – 15:30 Monday to Friday (except public holidays)

• Register as an “Inicio de Actividade de prestação de serviços de alojamento com o codigo de actividade 55201 or 55204”.

2/ Then you will need to go to  the Camara Municipal:

Praça da República
7630-139 Odemira
Tel. 283 320 900
Fax: 283 327 323
E-mail: geral@cm-odemira.pt

Open weekdays 09:00 – 16:00


• You will need the Caderneta Predial Urbana of your property.

• You will need the Licenca de utilização/ Alvara de autorização

• You will need your Contribunte and your ID or passport

• The 55201 or 55204 form that you did at the financial office.

3/ The camara will then provide you with a list of things that you will need to have ready such as:

• A fire extinguisher
• Complaints book
• A sign for the outside of your house name saying ‘Alojomento Local’ etc etc. (The full list will be provided by the Camera.)

4/ SEF registration

053, R. Dom Nuno Alvares Pereira, 7800 Beja +351 284 315 451

You will also need to register online with SEF and log every person that stays with you.  This is very important. It does not matter if your accommodation is legally registered or not. Anyone arriving in Portugal on a visa will have to tell immigration where they are staying – in this way you are traceable.


If you accept any guests from a foreign country (even an EU country) You MUST register them with the SEF or you will be fined (upto €60,000). It does not matter how many times they have been before, each time they must be registered. So imagine someone comes through immigration and says they are staying with you, which is their right, if they are paying you money then you must register them with the SEF.

Once you start receiving payments you need to make an “official receipts” book and make sure that all your guests are given a receipt (if they have a contribuente number) and to enter all transaction in your receipts book.

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Thanks to Shivam and Amari who prepared this document 🙂