To open a bank account, you will need your passport and your Portuguese Fiscal Number.

The main contact in Credito Agricola is Hugo Jacinto. He speaks very well English. You can just
ask for him and he should be able to open your bank account in around 15 minutes.

For your address, you will need a Portuguese one, as some letters will be sent to you.

The account that you will open will allow you to access via website to your account and you
will also get a debit card to make payments in Portugal and to get money from the ATM
machine in the Village.

The bank is open from 08:30 am to 3:30 pm (although, to open an account is preferably to go
before 3 pm).

Here is the google maps location.

And here a picture of the place:

Once you have opened your bank account, you will immediately receive an SMS with the
following information:

● Online access user number (Numero de Adesao)
● Online access password (Chiave Multicanal)

But, please do not login yet!

First you will need to receive a letter from Credito Agricola. On this letter you will find your
password. This is a very long password (10 digits) that will be required the first time you log in.

You will also receive 2 more letters:

● One with your debit card
● One with the PIN for the debit card.

You will need to go to the ATM machine to activate the debit card within 30 days of the date it
was issued. Otherwise the debit card will be canceled and you will need to order a new one.

The time to receive all the letters might be around 2 to 3 weeks. In case it doesn’t work, you
can always contact Hugo Jacinto at Credito Agricola. Here is his contact:

Hugo Jacinto
Telephone: +351 286 512 184