Via Verde – motorway charges


If you own a car with a Portuguese license plate then it it is well worth getting a Via Verde device.

When using the toll roads in this country some sections (like those on the Algarve) have cameras that scan your registration and then appropriately charge you for using that section of motorway. You may think that you pay nothing but you are meant to go to the post office and pay or face a fine.

This will mean, that if you forget, you will eventually receive a letter with a bill that aggregates all your charges with added late payment fines.

A Via Verde device is linked to your bank account so all charges are paid automatically and you will never get a fine.

To get need you need to

  1. Go to Ourique or Odemira post office
  2. Provide proof of identity (and address), your vehicle registration document, your fiscal number, Portuguese bank account details and €20 for the device.
  3. Once they have given you the via verde device then go to an ATM, select the ‘via verde’ option and follow the instructions to allow direct debiting.
  4. stick it inside your windscreen as shown in the above photo.
  5. never worry about paying motorway charges again and you can use the Via Verde lane.


Ian Davidson

About Ian Davidson

Ian is the treasurer of the association. He has been the treasurer for a non-profit association for the last 14 years and since 2015 lives in Sao Martinho das Amoreiras.